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"Fear is just a feeling, ain't it?" -Vita Fletcher

Just expelled from medical school just one day shy of graduating, a dejected Vita Fletcher returned to her hometown. But a lifeforce credited with beginning all life in the scattered multiverse--nicknamed 'Void Ma'--shows up to personally let her know that she's got bigger concerns. Unless Vita does something to counter it, all life in the universe is going to return to nothingness. Vita has exactly one week to speed-run relationships that have defined her in all of her other iterations. With new powers gifted by Void Ma, Vita is tasked with going back to key moments in these stranger's lives and making sure they become what they are all meant to be: fixed points throughout time and space.

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See the concept art, character art, cutscene art, and more!

Check out the fantastic music of composer Sam Foster!

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