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The Protagonist

The way the Caratali Orphanage attendants described it, Vita was never officially signed over so much as she just showed up one day full of thoughts, opinions, and an unrelenting curiosity. Unfortunately, she also came with a heaping side portion of magic. The first time her magic manifested in the orphanage, she was placed on an apprenticeship list faster than she could blink. 

She was subsequently passed from household to household all across various cities and townships adjacent to Caratal, each time staying with a family containing at least one trained magical practitioner meant to teach her how to control her powers. Despite giving it her honest effort and unrelenting optimism, it was always either Vita’s stalwart opinions or unpredictable magic that ultimately burned every bridge she came across. 

As soon as she was able, she declared independence from the care of the apprenticeships and orphanage to move to the Mossley. So long as she was never found to use her magic in any unauthorized or unlawful capacity, she had the freedom to practice and perfect her art however she chose. 

Surrounded by other unconventional magic users (and considerably lenient enforcement), Vita found her home on Mossley. It was when she started attending Mossley University that things took a turn for the worse. Vita decided that she wanted nothing more than to save lives. She wanted to be a doctor--the only professional field that strictly banned magical practice of all kinds.

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